Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 – Budget Smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - Budget Smartphone

The Redmi Note Smart phones will be greatest value budget smart phones of all time. Today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the phone.

Everything That You Need To Know About Redmi Note 5

The first improvement and this is genuinely groundbreaking is that the Redmi note 5 will use snapdragon 630 or snapdragon 660. Now these are basically 14 nanometer chips. Other 28 nanometers from the last generation. What that effectively means is they are far. Far more efficient and way faster. The CPU can be up to 50% faster that found on the Redmi note 4. The GPU up to 30% faster and what that also means is we now having an X 12 LTE modem. It’s actually giving us download speeds of 600 megabytes per second. So that’s not quite reaching the upper echelons of this snapdragon 835. Which can do a gigabyte per second. But nonetheless compared to the last generation again huge improvement. So even more importantly to some people this processor change allows the introduction of Qualcomm quick charge 4.0 this is a generational leave. It is the next step in front of Qualcomm quick charge 3.0

The Redmi Note 5  will ditch the micro USB port in favor of a USB type-C port. That has full compatibility with this Qualcomm quick charge 4.0 Now that is quite unusual for one particular Smartphone model actually have two different chips inside of it depending on which model you get.  But the reason they’ve been able to do this is because the snapdragon 660 and the 630 have been made to be interchangeable. They fit in exactualy the same Smartphone socket. So it’s not going to make the production process any longer. And traditionally what Xiaomi done with the Redmi note phone is released a standard model a little bit down line a pro version. So my prediction is that we’re going to have a standard model with the snapdragon 630 and 3 GB of ram and then the snapdragon 616 and 4 GB  in the pro version either way it’s going to be very powerful. So as well as being know for their hugely powerful components for the price.

The Redmi note phones also have a fantastic battery life. The Redmi Note 4 was a exception with a 4100 mAh power capacity. Now from the leaked slides from the Redmi note 5 presentation we’re seeing a 3790 mAh capacity. Which is less and before that alarms you essentially it’s going to have the same battery life as the Redmi Note 4. The components are more efficient. But cutting down the battery slightly allows them to make slimmer. The bulk of this phone was one of the few factors that really lets it down a little bit. So another really exciting thing about the Redmi note 5 is the fact they have made dramatic improvement on the camera front. The Redmin note 4 is no slouch considering a $200 price point. It was actually punching. well above its weight the Redmi note 5 is absolutely blitzes. It we’re going to swap out the 13MP read and the 5MP front for a 16MP Sony rear camera and a 13MP front camera. speaking of the camera this brings us back to the processes inside. These new generation snapdragon chips mean they even be mid-range processor can allow for 4K video recording. So where as the Redmi note 4 was very capable and it could some decent 1080p footage being able to shoot good 4k video on even a mid-range $200 Smartphone. It’s going to be amazing. So that’s all well and good. For the most part that’s pretty amazing. But unfortunately there some things about the Redmi note 5 which haven’t  changed as the Redmi note 4 or even the Redmi note 3 before it.

The design so there are some subtle changes for example the front three capacitive keys have been replaced by a single one and more than likely this is going to have a fingerprint scanner built into it. That one key is going to be able to combine the functionality of the other 3 and that’s great. But unfortunately just looking at the front of this new Smartphone it doesn’t fell revolutionary. It feels like a very solid step in the right direction from an already powerful Smartphone which is great value for money.

But when I recently unboxed a Smartphone like the DOOGEE MIX it made me realize that actually the competition for budget Smartphone this year is really picking up. For a similar price point you were getting a completely bezel of Smartphone which had 6GB of RAM and one of these better octa-core processes. But the same time we can kind of see where they’re coming from. Xiaomi released a phone that looked like the DOOGEE MIX for this price point it will be sabotaging. Its own sales DOOGEE as a company that for example doesn’t really sell any higher and flagships than the mid-tier ones like the DOOGEE Mix. So it has nothing to lose where as if Xiaomi produced something similar it’s to be so impressive so eyes-catching. The average consumer is goin to pick. But over it’s potentially more expensive more visually appealing handsets. So guys that is Xiaomi redmi note 5. I’m super excited for the phone and I hope you are too.

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  1. The phone might be cheap, but it doesnt feel that cheap at all. Xiaomi has given a plastic body to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 that feels sturdy in hand and pleases the eyes. It has slight design elements like an antenna band through the camera setup and grill speakers on the bottom only one is an actual speaker This version of the phone comes with a fingerprint scanner on the back, unlike the China-exclusive Redmi Note 5

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