How To Track Mobile Phone Exact Location – Cell Phone Tracker

Today I’m explaining you that, How to track you mobile phone. If you have lost you mobile phone so you don’t need to worry about it, here I have a method that you can track you mobile phone. Google has launched own tracking device software known as “Android Device Manager”. There is a advantage is that you don’t required GPS for you phone tracking.

Which type of facilities that you will get by this app. First thing is that you will trace exact location of your mobile phone. And the second thing is that, if any SIM is under operation it doesn’t matter if your SIM card or anyone SIM card is in your mobile phone, you will be able to track you phone. & this application works only for android mobile.

The Application you need to download  in you android mobile that is “Android Device Manager” you need to download it form the play store. Once you download the application and when you will open the application it will ask you Email ID & Password. You don’t need to worry about that it is safe, this application is by Google. So Once you sign in in the application. After that what you need to do is go to in you mobile Setting & then go to Security option then you will get a option that is “Device Adminstrators” open it and you will get that app which you have download “Android Device Manager”  and the you have to enable check box by clicking over the check box & then you will find a option accept exery thing and click on Activate Button. Once you do that you will get check mark. And then open the application Android Device Manager.

Now if you lost your phone so you don’t need to worry about it. Now you can simply track you mobile phone exact location. For track you phone what you need to do is firstly go to & search “Android device Manager”  open the Web & it will ask you Email ID & Password which you have use in that application, so simply sign in you will find exact location of you mobile phone.

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