Top 5 Paid Apps For Mac

top 5 mac paid apps

I’ve been using a Mac full time for the past few years. And in that time I’ve discovered some really useful apps that I think you should download if you have a Mac. today I’m going to be talking about five of these paid Mac apps which are really good and awesome. So let’s get started.

Duplicate Finder

the first one is Duplicate Finder.  And this, as the name would suggest, finds duplicate files.  So if you have a giant archive of photos, or videos, or music,  this thing will search through them, find duplicates, and then clean them out.  It’s pretty fast, and also gives you good control for searching and erasing them.  Sadly, it’s not free. It’s a $10 app. Now there’s another app called Gemini 2, that’s seemingly more popular.  But it’s $20, and I’ve used them both. They perform, like, almost identically.  So, if you’re going to choose between them, I’d rather if you guys saved $10 and get Duplicate Finder.  I actually prefer it, I think the icon looks better.

Dupe Guru

The other thing, if you’re looking for a free option, well, I’m sure there’s multiple free options,  but the one that I’ve used with the most success in the past is something called dupeGuru.  So if you’re looking for a free option, there’s one for you.


Okay, next up is DaisyDisk, it’s also $10.  What this thing does is analyze your drive,  and then it shows you what kind of files are taking up space on your computer.  So it’s another cleanup tool, and it does a great job at sorting out your drive  into categories of what you have on there. So you can kinda decide what you want to nuke.  There are a couple free alternatives that I’ve used, so GrandPerspective is one, Disk Intventory is another,  they all kinda do the same thing. DaisyDisk is a little bit prettier, a little bit faster,  but whether or not it’s worth $10 is up to you.

Airmail 3

Next up is Airmail, it’s yet another $10 app.  There are a lot of really good email apps for Mac, even the stock Mail app is pretty good.  Now I’ve tried most of the popular ones, and Airmail is my favorite. It boils down to customizability.  You get full control in this app for how your mail is handled when it goes in and out,  as well as full control of viewing and sorting your email.  Also, I like the icon. I know this seems silly, but I like a good icon.


Okay, lastly, if you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative, because Photoshop is expensive,  and if you don’t want to pay that, like, monthly fee.  The app that a lot of people get recommended is something called Pixlemator.  And it’s a good app, it’s like, $30.  But there’s another app that I think is much better called Affinity Photo. It’s $50,  quite a bit more expensive, but it looks, feels, and behaves much more like Photoshop for photo editing.  Now, if you’re looking for something that’s free, you can get Gimp,  it’s also a very capable app for image or photo editing.


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