Top 10 Unique & Best Apps For Android Mobile – 2017

Mostly People have an android mobile phone. And if you are getting bore to see your mobile’s old apps. So doesn’t worry I’m happy to help you to get some coolest and interesting application that you should have in your android mobile phone. I have found 10 coolest apps for your mobile. There 10 apps must have in your mobile phone. And don’t worry about it these are absolutely free applications. You can get these apps simply from play store. So let’s see and download these apps now.

1. Don’t Touch My Phone


This is a very fantastic application Don’t touch my phone is an anti theft Alarm app if anyone want to touch your mobile so it will alarm you.
You can use it very simply. Just activate the alarm and put it where you want table or fixed place. you can also set your alarm tones which you want.


2. Secret Video Recorder

secret-video-recorder- techguruplus

Secret Video Recorder is a pretty awesome app that does background recording, it doesn’t show preview, so you can use your phone as normal and no one can understand that you are recording video. They will think that you are just using your phone normally.
This is very simple to use it. Just one touch it instant recording. if you off your screen that time also it continue recording.


3. Smart Kit 360

smart-kit-360- techguruplus

Smart Kit 360 is a that awesome app which has multiple application. If you download this app so in this application you will get 32 applications those daily tools you need. This is not a huge size app this is so light application it takes very less space in you mobile memory. The apps that you will get in Smart Kit 360 –

1.  Heart Rate Monitor 12. Protractor 23. File Manager, Root Explorer
2.Translator (All languages) 13. Ringtone Maker 24. Altimeter
3. Music Finder 14. Metal Detector 25. Abacus
4. Exercise Timer 15. Notepad 26. Ruler
5. Cache Cleaner, RAM Booster 16. Currency Converter 27. Leveller
6. Battery Saver 17. Calculator & Graph 28. Speedometer
 7. Sound Meter  18. Unit Converter 29. Flashlight
8. Map 19. Audio Recorder 30. Checklist, Reminder
9. Compass 20. Metronome 31. Stopwatch
10. Magnifier 21. Pitch Tuner 32. Vibrometer
11. Mirror 22. Code Scanner


4. Dumpster Photo & Video Restore


Dumpster works like Recycle Bin. Just like in laptop or computer has a Recycle Bin same you will get Recycle Bin in you mobile phone. If unfortunately you delete you photos or videos from you mobile so you can simply restore you photos or videos from Dumoster. And it doesn’t require internet connection also no need to root.


5. Hidden Eye: Catch your friends

Hidden Eye: Catch your friends-techguruplus

Hidden Eye works for capture photos. If someone trying to unlock you mobile phone while you are away. so it will capture that person photo who are trying to unlock you mobile. And you can also set to play you ringtone when someone  will try to unlock your phone.


6. Knock Lock – AppLock Screen



Knock Lock is that unique lock which is invisible this is a magical lock. You hust need to knock knock on your screen to unlock you mobile. You can set anhy wallpaper on you lock screen your screen will look plain as only wallpaper. You can simply unlocks your device without disclosing your Password.


7. QR & Barcode Scanner


Some time what happen we need to scan QR & Barcode for get some information. So this is the best application for scan any QR & Barcode you don’t need to purchase this is absolutely free application simply you can get if from Play Store.


8. Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts -techguruplus

This is the best way to make Multiple accounts in an android device. BY this app you can use multiple applications in one device like you want two facebook, two Messengers, Two instagram and much more accounts you can use in one device by using this application. And it also protects your privacy so no don’t need to worry about it. And this is absolutely free application.


9. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android


Keep your device protect. This is a best virus cleaner which protect your phone from virus. And keep you personal data safe with app lock and picture vault. And this is absolutely free not need to worry about it get it now from Play Store.


10. Find My Phone


Find My Phone is a free application. Which is available for android or IOS device also. Tracking your iPhone & Android has never been easier. Using this state-of-the-art GPS tracker, you can instantly. Find your lost or stolen or missing phone by Find My Phone app.


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