Top 10 Mac Tricks You Did Not Know 2017

Macs are quite powerful machine and regardless of how long may have been using a Mac for. There always be things that you didn’t know it could do. That’s what this article is about. Telling you about some cool Mac tricks that I think you may not know about.

1. Lock You Mac With A Keyboard Shortcut (High Sierra)

If you’ve been using a Mac for sometimes. You must have noticed the lack of keyboard shortcut to lock the computer. Windows uses Windows + L for this. But there was no such shortcut on Mac OS. Fortunately Apple has added the functionality in the latest version of Mac OS. Mac OS High Sierra. You can now simply press command + ctrl + Q to lock the system. It will lock the Mac immediately.

2. Use Smart Folders to Automatically Categories Files

Smart folders are very useful feature that a lot of people don’t make use it. Personally I love smart folders functionality on a Mac and I have set up a smart folder that automatically collects all of my images created in the last one day and keeps them all in one place. To create a smart folder all you need to do is go to file – New Smart Folder there you can add rules that it take what kind of files should be kept in the folder. Once you’ve done just click on save and smart folder gets to work for you.


3. Speed Up the Dock Hiding Animation

I hop e you prefer to keep the dock hidden until it’s needed. However the animations for showing and hiding the dock are just a bit too slow to be honest. Thankfully with a simple terminal command you can speed the animation up quite a bit. Just launch terminal and use the following command. You will find all the commands I mentioned below. You can see the docks animations look a lot snap you know. you definitely prefer it this way.

defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0; killall Dock Caffeinate -i -t ‘time in seconds’

4. Quick Type Emojis on Your Mac

Let’s just face it. We all love emoji and would it be a lot of fun. If we could use them everywhere. well fortunately you can easily access the emoji keyboard on Mac by just pressing control + command + Space. This will give you access to all the emojis and symbols you may ever need. So go ahead and type out your emails with as many emkojis as you like.

5. Change Screenshot File Type

Mac has some really awesome shortcuts for taking screenshots. By default screenshots have saved on the desktop in the PNG format. This is good but uses up a lot of space. So if you much started save the screenshots in a different format like JPEG. You can just use the following terminal command. Once you’ve done this. Subsequent screenshots will be saved in the JPEG format. Which usually has a smaller size.

6. Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts and I use them all the time. However every now and then I wish I could have a custom shortcut for a task I do often. Well this can also be done rather easily. Just go to system preferences – keyboard – Shortcuts. Here go to app shortcuts select the app you want to set up the shortcut for and follow the instructions on the screen. Once you’ve done. You can save the shortcut and then use it within the app you created it for. So I can now use command + Option + S inside the preview to the images. Something that I do quite often.

7. Sign Documents Using Trackpad

 So you just got a PDF you need to sign. Don’t head over the printer yet. you can easily sign PDF and forms directly on you Mac. Just open the file in preview – click on the marker button and then on the signature button. Here can add a digital signature by simply signing a name on the trackpad. You can then use this signature in any documents or forms that you may need to.

8. Advanced Text Selection

I may be the only one but there are times when I need to copy multiple separate lines in MS world. I could copy and paste every single line but a turn out there’s an easier way. Just press and hold command and select whichever lines you need to. You can then copy them and paste them wherever you want. You can also press and hold options to select text in a rectangular region. Something I don’t think will ever be useful but it’s good to know just in case.

9. Keep Mac Awake Without any Third Party app

If you ever put a larger file on download you know that you can’t let your Mac go to sleep. That usually kills the download. So unless you wan to keep staring at a screen ensuring that your laptop doesn’t go to sleep. You should use caffeinate just launch terminal and use the following command. Your Mac is density away for this time. You’ve mentioned in the command leaving you free to get some coffee while you download complete.

10. Use Siri To Get Things Done

Siri had quite a lot of bad publicity. But it’s actually not all that bad. The smart assistant can let you send out tweets change system setting check storage and even pin reserves to your notification center. Also with Mac OS High Sierra you can interact with Siri by just typing without having to say a single work and without looking like an idiot on the bus to work.


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