Awesome Free Apps for Video Calling for Your Android Mobile

Now these days Video calling become trend, for that we need a best video calling app for our phone. So there is best of best video calling app available to make easy video calling. The name of this application is “IMO”. This application if totally free to download and to use.

This application is very easy to use. We can make video call to our phone contact list directly. we just need to open this application and go to phone contact list and just click on video call button to make a call. we can make audio call also by this application. We can send Photos and Videos to person who is available on this application. there is no paid feature in this application its totally free app for your android phone.

This application consumes very low Internet Data while using video or voice call. Low data consumption means low expenses on internet. IF internet speed is slow then no need to worry, this application works with low internet speed also. so download this application from play store free by searching “IMO”. Give your feedback about this application in below comment section and Enjoy the application.


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  1. Apart from IMO video calling app, one can also use apps like R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It can be freely downlaoded from Google and Apple stores. Works on iOS, Android, Windows, MAC etc.