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We are going to talk about Nokia 6. The Nokia 6 is finally available for pre-order on Amazon India. But before you go ahead and book. Just read my thoughts about it and love to know your feedback also. Then you can decide as this device is good for you or not.

It’s a will for pre-orders as of now for rupees 15 thousands are Amazon India. But availability is 23rd August. So it’s almost end of august that you will be kidding it and if you recall this Nokia 6 already to start with was not a very powerful device. It is running on the snapdragon 430 a chipset, which the main processor that it has. And now this is sort of pretty old. It’s almost a one year old processor. The Snapdragon 435 has come out of that. That you have seen in the several devices Like the Redmi 4 even though Oppo A57. We feel as junk was using the Snapdragon 435. So as you can see it’s pretty outdated and Qualcomm has also announced the Snapdragon 450 chipset. That’s going to soon come out. so it’s almost a two generation old processor that Nokia is actually using and frankly speaking it feels pretty outdated for a device that will be costing fifteen thousand as of now. Here’s the brick quality on the Nokia devices should be actually really good. But again look at the price of the Redmi 4 that base variant just for 7000. This was fifteen thousand. so you’re just being double price not getting the latest processor. So one actually really really confuse don’t get me wrong. I love Nokia as a brand. I want them to do actually pretty good. Because I was young one of my first Smartphone you could say it was running on symbain was the Nokia. I saved almost about five months of my salary to get that. It was the Nokia 6600. You must have recall. It was very popular and very rugged. I must have a dropped it about a dozen times and still it ran fine. So I have that nostalgia towards Nokia. I purchased the Nokia Xpress music phone. Though it ran symbain. it was a great experience t that time cutting edges and stuff. But frankly speaking this Nokia 6 as of now waiting till almost end of august 2017 for 15000. I’m really confused to be frank my mind says are you nuts Snapdragon for 430 chipset in august 2017. But my heart says it’s a Nokia device. so I’m also very confused and as of now I haven’t booked it on Amazon. Would love to know your thoughts. Are you going to book this Nokia 6? That will be from If So let me know. let’s say the poor and what if you want to purchase this Nokia 6 or not. And I feel as of now the Nokia 6 has become so outdated so old and now will be launching in august.

Nokia frankly should have launched a new variant for example let’s see the Nokia 6 Plus. And have a slightly better processor for example the snapdragon 625. Then it would have been an awesome deal. and yes it is possible because the snapdragon 625 Chipset have price has fallen down quite a bit now for example The Redmi Note 4 I don’t even recall was launched what about 4-5 months ago. The 10,000 rupees variant had the snapdragon 625 chipset. So it is pretty cost effective.

So guys this was a quick thoughts that I had about the Nokia 6 and would love to know your thoughts that’s the Nokia 6 by end of august 2017 still makes sense or not. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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