Make your own Android App Online Free (Full Tutorial)

Today I’m going to teach you that how can you make your own android application and how can you upload it on Play Store. Day by day android mobiles are increasing and every website has a own android application. If we also about like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay and much more websites have own professional application on Play Store that users can easily reach their website by single click. So like this also you can make your own professional application for your YouTube Channel and you can upload it on Play Store.  And you can earn extra money with you application also. If you are earning with your YouTube Channel So as well as you can earn more money with making a Application for your YouTube Channel. So let’s see that how can you make you App and how can you upload it on Play Store.

For making an application you need two things the first is your YouTube Channel “URL” and the second thing is your icon that you want to give for your App.

So go ahead on this link when you click on it you will reach on this website.

As you can see over there it is asking three things. Number 1 is “URL” so over there you have to paste your YouTube channel URL. And the Number 2 is “App Title” what you want to give the name of you app so here you have to write your application Name what you want. And Number 3 is “Icon” I hope that you have already make you icon for your YouTube channel application so here you have to upload your application Icon. Once you done these three things then click on “Show Advanced Settings” application maker

When you will click on Show Advanced Settings you will get more settings like this. settings

Here you have to change these settings. The first one is screen orientation select it that you want your channel Portrait Orientation or Vertical Orientation select which one you prefer.

Then Welcome Screen change you welcome note and Network Error Screen and Exit Screen. Where it is showing Google Remove it and then just click on Create My App. create my app

Once you have done these things you will be able to get your application so now you need to download you application Simply click on “Download your Android Package from this link” application download application done

Once you download your application you can check it in your Android mobile phone.

How to Upload Application on Play Store

Now we need to upload it on Play Store. So for this search on Google Play Store Developer Console and then visit on this website


You have to sign up on this website this is not free but once you Sign Up on it you will get more advantages of it. Then click on “Add new application” upload your application on Play Store.



When you click on Upload APK then you have to select your application that which one you want to upload on Play Store.


Then fill more information and make these checks to Green Checks. Once you have done these things. Then you will be able to get your application from Play Store and you can get more views on you YouTube Channel.

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