Item List of GST Tax at 5% in India

GST Tax at 5% in India

Goods @  5% Under GST Tax in India

  • Dairy Products – Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk food for babies, Condensed milk, Packaged Paneer, Cream

  • item under 5% gst taxFrozen Vegetables

  • Food Items – Sugar, Spices, Edible Oil, Pizza Bread, Rusk, Sweets, Fish Fillets, Tapioca (sabu daana)

  • Beverages – Coffee, Tea, Juicesitem under 5% gst tax

  • Fuel – Kerosene, LPG, Coal

  • Common Utilities – Broom

  • Medical Goods – Medicines, Stents

  • Newsprint

  • Lifeboats

Services @  5% Under GST Tax in India

  • Railway Travel

  • Economy Class Air Travel item 5% Under GST Tax in India

  • Cab Aggregators (e.g. Uber & Ola)

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