List of Goods & Services- Exempted from GST Tax in India

Exempted from GST Tax in India

Goods Which are Exempted from GST

  • Poultry Products – Fresh Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs

  • Dairy Products – Milk, Curd, Butter Milk, Jaggery (Gur), Lassi, unpacked Paneer

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

  • Food Items – Natural Honey, Flour (Atta & Maida), Pulses, Basmati Rice, Gram Flour (Besan), Bread, Vegetable Oil, Religious Sweets (Prasad), Common Salt

  • Cosmetics & Accessories – Bindi, Vermillion (Sindoor), Bangles

  • Stationery – Stamps, Judicial Papers, Printed Books, Newspapers

  • Handloom Products

  • Contraceptives

Services Which are Exempted from GST

  • Hotel Services priced at less than INR 1000

  • Education (exemption continued from before)

  • Healthcare (exemption continued from before)

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