Invoice Customization TDL for Tally

This TDL customize you invoice in group-wise product details. below is the preview of the result.

Here is the Preview of this TDL file

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Watch this video to learn this TDL

How to Install the TDL File in Tally

Step 1. Go to Gateway of Tally.
Step 2. Then Press Ctrl+Alt+T button
Step 3. Now Press F4 Button or Click on “Manage Local TDL” button
Step 4. Now do “Yes” to “Loan TDL Files on Startup” option
Step 5. Now in the next line “List of TDL Files to preload on Startup” Enter the TDL File Path or Location Like “E:File.tdl”
Step 6. Now save the settings
Your TDL File is ready to use.


  1. Ghanshyam Patel

    हमें सिर्फ आइटम के ऊपर प्रोडक्ट ग्रुप प्रिंट होसके वैसा TDL फाइल दे सकते है क्या ?
    आपका जो ” Group Wise invoice” वाला जो TDL फाइल है उसमे ऊपर जो एड्ड्रेस और डिस्पेच डिटेल्स चेंज हो रहीहै वो जैसे टैली में है वही रहनी चाइए।
    जितना जल्दी हो रिप्लाय दे
    घनश्याम पटेल
    mo. 9726965264

  2. Sir I want to learn tdl

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