How to Print Voucher and Cheque Printing in Tally ERP 9

How to Print Voucher and Cheque Printing in Tally ERP 9
Step 1. To activate Cheque printing you just need to go to Gateway of Tally.
Step 2. Press F11 Button
Step 3. Go to Features Now Press F1 Buttons for Accounting Features.
Step 4. Set Enable Cheque Printing to “Yes”
Step 5. Now Enable Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration to “Yes”
Step 6. Enter the Company Name on the Cheque (if cheque is not preprinted with Company Name)
Step 7. Now Enter the Bank Name (as created in the Ledgers)
Step 8. Now you just need to enter the Cheque Dimensions.

Enable Cheque Printing
Enable Cheque Printing



Fill Company Details


Cheque Printing dimensions.

Step 1. just go to Voucher Entry
Step 2. and make a payment Voucher (F5)
Step 3. pay any amount ot any party and save entry,
Step 4. when you go to save tally will as to print the cheque
Step 5. then click on Yes
Now your cheque ready to Print.

Cheque Printing
Cheque Printing

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