GST Latest News (13-06-17) Household Items Will Get Cheaper on GST Applied

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HOW HOUSEHOLD ITEMS WILL GET CHEAPER AFTER GST, For an average middle-class household, GST has a positive impact.

GST is a perfect reform which will take India and its economy to the next level altogether. Many Western and developed countries implemented this tax policy long back and that is why their economy is so stable, unlike many Asian countries.

GST in India, will override many tax rates including VAT, Service Tax, and Central Excise Duty. This will clear the air and will make it very easy for the common man to understand the tax structure easily. The implementation of GST will boost the Indian Economy by 2 percentage. There may be a slight inflation in the beginning but once it is all set it will benefit both the government by increasing revenue and also the general public by making the daily use products very cheaper.



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