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You are looking for free mobile recharge but that method you have not found yet. If you will find on Google that how can to get free mobile recharge so many sites you will get that they are making fool to people and they don’t know also that how they we can get free mobile recharge. Yes of course you can get free mobile recharge daily without paying anything. So here I’m going to tell you that how can you get free mobile recharge & I’ll also tell you that why they are giving you free mobile recharge. So let’s go ahead and see that how can you get free mobile recharge.


I have found a application that gives free mobile recharge, but this application is only for android devices if you have a Android mobile yes you can achieve advantage of this application. The name of this app is “mCent”. This app you can find simply from Play Store and you can download it from the below link also.

How mCent Works ?

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After download the application and when you will open the app it will tell you for register you mobile number in this app. Don’t worry guys registration is absolutely free. After registration the front page of the app you will get and top right of the corner it will show your mCent wallet money that how much you have. So what you need to do is you just simply download these app which app it will suggest you. It gives the money for download the application every application price is different. Once it will pay you for download the app and once it will pay you for using that application. So you can get almost 150 or 200 rupees daily for your mobile recharge. Via Top Up option you can do recharge from this application you just need to enter you mobile number and enter you amount that how much you want to recharge into you mobile.

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Why mCent Gives Free Mobile Recharge ?

Guys may be you already know that mostly internet is based on Advertisement every site have adds on their websites. They earn money via Adds on their webs. So same thing is here that when you will download mCent application so they are doing advertisement of many applications & when you download that app and use application so app owner gives money to mCent and mCent gives money to us for download and use those applications. So now this is clear that why mCent gives free mobile recharge. And this Legal way, you don’t need to worry about it just enjoy.

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