Top 5 Free Mac Apps For iMac, Mac Pro or any of the MacBooks (2017)

This is a article on 5 free Mac apps that I think everyone should be using. if you have an Apple computer. if you have an iMac, a Mac Pro, or any of the MacBooks,  you should be using these apps because they’re good, they’re useful, and they’re free. None of these are sponsored or anything, these are just apps that I’ve used that I like, So let’s get started.


I’m not really sure how to pronounce it.  It’s an application that controls the color temperature of your screen, based on the time of day.  And it does this in a really gradual manner.  So during the day, your screen will look normal, but as the sun goes down,  it’ll slowly remove the cooler hues from the screen to make it easier on your eyes.  I know it sounds gimmicky, but try it for a while, and I think you’ll like it.  The thing that it’s not good for is color accurate work.  So obviously things will look more orangy and warmer, with f.lux running at night.  But aside from that, once you get used to the color temperature changes,  it makes your computer experience better.  It helps you work for longer, because there’s less eyestrain,  and for me, and I think for a lot of people, it’ll help you sleep better after you shut it down.


So the second is an app called OnyX.  So OnyX is an excellent Mac cleaning tool.  It’s powerful, it’s free, and it gets updated frequently.  You can clean your Mac using some basic stuff, like erasing caches and cookies,  but it can also do some more aggressive cleanup, like removing languages that you don’t use.  It can go pretty deep.  Now OnyX can be a little bit risky, like if you go ham and start erasing everything, you can mess stuff up.  So if you want something a little bit more restrained,  there’s an app called CleanMyMac, it’s also good, but it costs $40.  I prefer OnyX, just because it does everything you would need and it’s free.


The third app is AppCleaner.  See, when you erase apps on Macs, they already do a decent job, just by deleting the DMG file.  But there’s often residual files, and this application gets rid of them.  On thing to keep in mind, you do need to have AppCleaner installed in advance,  so if you’ve already deleted a bunch of apps from your Mac, it won’t be able to find those older, residual files.  You need to use something like OnyX to clean that stuff out.

 The Unarchiver

Next is The Unarchiver.  Which I think is the best unzipping or unarchiving app.  Even if you don’t frequently use compression programs, install this thing, because eventually,  you’ll download something or someone will send you something that needs decompression.  And this will handle it.  It does all of the major compression formats, and it extracts them properly.  It’s light weight, and it’s free.

Copy Clip

Last up is CopyClip, and this is an app that stores all the stuff that you copy using Command-C.  So imagine if you copy one selection of text, and then moments later you copy some numbers or something.  Normally, you lose that first selection of text.  CopyClip stores them all into a list.  So if you’re typing a message for school, or doing stuff for work, or just doing anything,  having a functional history of text that you’ve copied with Command-C is awesome.  And once you’ve used this for a while, it’s hard to go back to not having that kind of functionality.  So, these five apps so far are free. Download these apps now, and enjoy it.


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