How to check or view Outstanding Payments in Tally ERP 9


Step 1. First of all Set Maintain Bill-wise Details to Yes in F11: Accounting Features
Step 2. Create a Party Ledger A/c under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors group
Step 3. Set “YES” to Maintain balances bill by bill when making the ledger of party.
Step 4. Now go to Gateway of Tally
Step 5. Then go to Accounting Vouchers
Step 6. Then go to Sales (F8) or Purchase (F9) accordingly and enter the transaction by specifying a Bill reference No. along with due dates for the amount to be received or paid in the Bill Allocations for screen (you can also break up the amount into multiple reference numbers with different due dates)
Step 7. Now, to view Receivables / Payables Reports in Tally ERP 9
Step 8. Go to Gateway of Tally
Step 9. Then go to Display Menu
Step 10. Then go to Statement of Accounts
Step 11. Then go to Outstandings.
Step 12. Then go to Receivables menu
Step 13. The report displays bill-by-bill outstanding for all the parties with the pending amount along with the due date.

How to check or view Outstandings in Tally ERP 9
How to check or view Outstandings in Tally ERP 9

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