How To Earn Money Online From Whatsapp Monthly $200 to $500

earn money online form whatsapp

There are millions of ways to earn money online from home, some ways are difficult and some ways are easy. So today also you are going to know a new easiest way to earn money online from Whatsapp.

Whatsapp which is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. Mostly people use this app for free call, video call or chatting with their friends. But ever you think that you can earn money from WhatsApp. Yes, of course, you can earn not lots of money but you can earn enough amounts from WhatsApp just spending you some time. You don’t need to do hard work, just doing easy work can get enough amount. For this, you should have huge contact list or you should add in many groups. If you are able to spend you some time so you can earn $200 to $500 monthly.

Earn Money From Whatsapp by Affiliate Marketing

whatsapp earning from affiliate marketing

If you don’t know that what is affiliate marketing, so let me tell you that firstly you need to join with any company affiliate program. Like you join with the Amazon company affiliate program, after joining which product you want to promote you need to get a link to that product. Then share this link with your friends on WhatsApp and if someone clicks on that link and purchases that product so Amazon gives you 5% to 20% commission of that product.

There are lots of companies on the internet to join with their affiliate program like – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or more genuine companies are available to join the affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a 100% genuine way to earn money online from home. Millions of people are earning lots of money by affiliate marketing.

Earn Money From Short Link

Make money with whatsapp froms short linksq

What is the short link? the short link means if you have a long link of any website so you can sort it by using short link method. There are many websites are available on the internet to for short link. You can simply search on Google that how to short link. Once you join short link website you can short your link and where you when post your link and when anyone will click on that link so you will get money by clicking on that link. You can share any link by short it with your friends and can earn with it. But don’t share that link simply, must write something attractive with the link that people can click on the link.

Whatsapp is a most popular messenger in the world billions of people are using Whatsapp. So why you don’t try to earn with the Whatsapp. These methods are 100% genuine and you can also earn with the short link and affiliate marketing. The best think is that same method you can apply fro Facebook can you earn with the Facebook also by using the short link and Affiliate Marketing. Just need to promote and product or link and can earn enough amounts.        

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